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€ 2.500,00Price

Office chair made up of a tubular structure in iron and fine bull leather.

Like all our products, it is a splendid example of Italian craftsmanship.

The structure is made entirely of iron tubes bent and welded by hand, then they are sanded and painted with transparent lacquer to prevent them from rusting.

The incredibly resistant bull leather, 3 to 4 millimeters thick, is also treated and cut by hand. This kind of leather in italian is called "Cuoio".

The manual processing makes each piece a truly unique work, each with its defects, which make it human and alive.

Each unit is made to order.

The series is limited to 50 pieces, all individually numbered and signed.

Upon request, it is possible to commission one-of-a-kind pieces, made according to your wishes as regards materials, leathers and fabrics.

Contact us by email to purchase or view our products without obligation at our headquarters in Turin.



Max and min height top to bottom: 140 cm - 130 cm

Max and min height of the seat: 65 cm - 55 cm

Max width: 63 cm

Max depth: 62 cm

Width and depth of the leather seat: 57 cm x 44 cm


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