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KAEBALA is a manifacture based in Turin, Italy, which aims to reinvent the luxury concept through the production of innovative and exclusive clothing.

Our clothing are hand made with the best quality materials and every piece is made only onece the order is placed, we do not produce them in series.

Also we do not have a physical retailer, new clothes can only be purchased on the site.

For every doubt or question we encourage you to go to che "Customer Care & Contact" section on the bottom of every page and ask.


The year is divided in three seasons, for every season we will produce 100 pieces of clothing for every type located in the section called FIXED SHOP, including all of its variants and colours. The main types of clothing are T-Shirts, Swaters, Hoodies and Polos, but from time to time we add something new like Jackets, Trousers or Shoes.

Every piece has a serial numer indicating what type of clothing it is, the variant, the season and the year in whitch is was made. Giving every cloth the status of unique piece.

In the section of SEASON SPECIALS are exposed uniques types of clothing that changes every seasons, like the clothes in the Fixed Shop every piece has its own serial number indicating what it is and when it was made, but unlike the clothes in the Fixed Shop, will never be produced again clothes with the same design, giving them an even more exclusive status.

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